Many auto companies have issued recalls due to spiders nesting under the hood and causing all sorts of engine troubles. Ford is more than aware of this problem and has released a simple yet effective equipment to prevent little eight-legged creepy crawlies from taking refuge inside your vehicle.

The arachnid in question is the yellow sac spider, which is known for seeking out cavities to build its web. Too often, it ends up building its web that leads directly to the fuel vapor line. This ends up causing a blockage to the fuel vapor and ultimately damages the engine. Other potential problems from the spider’s web – which is as strong and thick as a strand of steel – includes fuel tank cracks and even engine fires.

So what is the brand’s response? Ford will be fitting all of their vehicles with a cylindrical spider screen device. The 2016 Ford Focus RS will be the first to get the installment, and others will quickly follow.

The yellow sac spider is prevalent in every state except Hawaii, which means your vehicle is at risk if you reside anywhere in the continental U.S.

The spider screen is invented by David Gimby, Ford’s fuel system engineer. The screen prevents spiders from entering the fuel lines while allowing enough of an opening for air and vapor to flow.

It’s definitely reassuring knowing that your vehicle will be safe from an intruding pest. To check out the models that will all soon be fitted with the protection screen, visit our dealership and speak with our Ford dealers near Rancho Cordova. Be sure to check out the 2015 Ford Focus; the next year’s model will be the first to be equipped with the screen.