The Apollo landing to the Moon was and forever will be an American hallmark moment. To commemorate that historical day for the country and mankind, Ford has released a limited time 2015 Mustang GT Apollo Edition.

Proceeds made from the vehicle will go to a youth program headed by the Experimental Aircraft Association, which provides training camps for children interested in pursuing a career in aviation.

The Apollo Edition is basically a 2015 Mustang GT Fastback with an aesthetic modification. Its most notable appearance is the United States logo adorning the hood. The exterior also includes red and black accents, which mimics the design of the Saturn V rocket used in all 18 Apollo missions.

The interior is also graced with red, white, and blue stripes, further giving the car a vibe of Americana. There are also modified gauges, a deleted rear seat, and custom embroidery. What really stands out, though, is the LED underbody spotlighting, which was added to resemble the look of the Saturn V rocket as it reenters Earth’s atmosphere.

Under the hood, the car is equipped with a 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 that delivers 627-horsepower. Other notables include 21-inch Forgiato wheels, side exit exhausts, Brembo brakes, struts, and performance shocks.

Sadly, if you want to add this baby to your car collection, you’re out of luck. This space-themed model will only be available for auction.

It’s a bummer that the Apollo Mustang won’t be available at your local dealer. However, you can still visit your local Ford dealership near Sacramento to check out the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. The difference between the standard and Apollo Edition is mostly aesthetic anyways. If muscle cars are your thing, then speak with our dealers today.