When the 2015 Ford Mustang was released last year, sales surpassed expectations. From the start of the new year to May, sales shot up by 55 percent compared to Mustang sales in the same period in 2014. According to reports, the upsurge is partly attributed to the new 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine.

As of May, Ford has sold roughly 56,000 Mustangs. Several sales analysts noted that millennials make up approximately 35 percent of buyers. In locations like Southern California, the figure is closer to around 40 percent. In this region alone, Mustang sales are up by an impressive 117 percent.

Millenials make up a lucrative demographic, and many polled have indicated that fuel economy is a huge purchasing factor. Previous Mustang models utilized the 5.0 V8 engine, which produced about 120 more horsepower than the EcoBoost, but was less fuel efficient.

The EcoBoost is a four-cylinder, turbocharged engine that produces 15 percent less greenhouse emissions and 20 percent improved fuel efficiency compared to larger and aspirated engines. Many have described it as having the performance of a 6-cylinder and fuel efficiency of a 4-cylinder.

The engine was introduced by Ford in 2010 and first appeared in the 2011 F-150. As of last year, 90 percent of Ford models were made available with an EcoBoost. As explained, the engine’s inclusion was a major success with sales soaring through the roof.

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