The Ford F150 has always benefited from its reputation as America’s number one beloved pickup.  The 2015 Ford F150 has undergone some significant revamping, the most notable of which is its transition to an all-aluminum body.

The move means that the 2015 model will be about 700 pounds lighter than its predecessors. A lighter frame, of course, translates to improved fuel economy. If you opt for the 2.7-liter 325-horsepower EcoBoost turbo V6, you can expect up to 26 MPG on the highway.

If you are in the hauling business or frequently load the truck to near its capacity limit, you will be pleased to learn that the 2015 Ford F150 can handle more than 1,100 pounds in towing capacity. With its 420 lb-ft of torque, this pickup is more than capable of hauling a normal-sized RV up the highway with no trouble.

Aside from shedding the excess weight, the 2015 model will also boast some nice technology. For newcomers who may have trouble parking a bulkier vehicle, the addition of a 360-degree camera system makes parking far more manageable without the need for someone to guide you. There is also a lane assistance system that alerts you if your vehicle is shifting a little too far over into the next lane.

In terms of design, you can expect a more cubist shape, sharp angles on the hood, and bracket-shaped LED tail and headlamps. The rear lights are elongated and wrap all the way to the side of the body.

If driving a pickup instills a sense of patriotism, then you can’t go wrong with the 2015 Ford F150. You can visit Folsom Lake Ford to check it out. Our dealership has an inventory of Ford trucks for sale near Sacramento, both new and pre-owned.