No matter what the spring has in store for you, keeping up with Ford service is the best way to deal with the warmer weather. Your vehicle has plenty of systems that should be inspected or cleaned before the hot summer gets into gear, and it helps to be prepared for spring. Contact Folsom Lake Ford today to get ready for spring with essential Ford service.

Air Conditioning

Every Californian knows how hot it gets during the summer, which is why spring is the perfect time to check the air conditioning. Make sure your air system is cleaned out and that it’s properly cooling your cabin.


When the rain comes, you’ll want to ensure that your tires are properly gripping the road. Check your tires for any wear and tear, including lower tread depth; you’ll also want to check for any leaks that may have occurred during the winter.

Windshield Wipers

There might be more rain in the forecast during the spring, which is why you should check your windshield wipers. Replace any blades that aren’t working properly to remove water from your windshield or clean the glass.


Is your battery working properly even after a cooler winter? Make sure you check the terminals for corrosion and schedule a load test to check for proper charge.

Oil Change

Finally, spring is a great time to replace the oil in your tank, especially if you used your vehicle a lot during the winter. Keeping clean oil in your tank is important for regulating engine temperature and lubricating your parts.

Schedule Ford Service This Spring in Folsom, CA

Is your vehicle ready for the spring? After you clean your vehicle inside and out, schedule a Ford service visit to get the rest taken care of. Contact Folsom Lake Ford today to book a maintenance appointment or inquire about other services!