Before you apply for a Ford finance offer, what do you know about your credit score? This is a significant determining factor in what offers you can expect; if you need to raise it, we’ve got some tips for you. As part of our Ford Finance tips series, here’s how to raise your credit score courtesy of the Folsom Lake Ford experts.

Make Payments on Time

The best way to improve your credit score is to make timely payments on all your accounts. Loans, debt, and credit cards should be kept in check, with routine payments made before their due date. Late payments can be a serious demerit on your account and will reduce your credit score.

Don’t Overuse Your Accounts

Credit cards should be used enough to keep your account in good standing, but not so much that your score suffers from overuse. In general, you should only use a credit card for up to 30% of its limit in a monthly cycle. This will ensure that your credit score doesn’t suffer from an overused card or account.

Don’t Seek Other Financing

As you’re planning to apply for auto financing, you should stay away from other major purchases until you’ve bought the vehicle. Starting a new line of credit or loan can often temporarily reduce your credit score. Taking on too many new accounts at once, however, runs the risk of seriously affecting your financial standing.

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