Before you apply for a Ford Fusion lease, you need to make sure you’re prepared. If you aren’t ready to lease a vehicle, you may encounter several hurdles along the way. The team at Folsom Lake Ford can help you determine if you’re ready to lease a Ford Fusion, based on these important factors.

Lease Terms to Know

First, you need to know all the terms of a lease before applying. Ford leases differ from buying a vehicle in many ways, including length of terms and restrictions.

Auto leases restrict the number of miles you can drive each month. If you drive your vehicle a lot, it may not be worth leasing versus buying. However, leases often have lower monthly payments compared to an auto loan.

Lease Specials

Our dealership runs lease specials that might be enticing for you. Depending on the model you want to lease, you might be able to secure a better offer. Our finance team can help you find the best options for your financial situation.

Turning In Your Vehicle

Leasing a vehicle comes with one large caveat: you must return the car at the end of the lease terms. Lease terms typically last for 24 to 36 months, after which the vehicle must be returned to our dealership.

Once you’ve turned in a leased vehicle, you can lease another vehicle straight away. That lets you keep up with newer models as your lease ends.

Secure a Ford Fusion Lease at Folsom Lake Ford

When you’re ready for a Ford Fusion lease, our dealership can help you. Visit Folsom Lake Ford today to browse Ford lease options and discuss other financing offers.