Buying used cars doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With several used and certified pre-owned Ford cars available at Folsom Lake Ford, finding the right one is easy.

There are many advantages to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, from cost to maintenance. Let’s go through all the major benefits of certified pre-owned Ford models.

They’re More Cost-Effective

Used cars generally have a lower price tag than new vehicles, and certified pre-owned cars are no exception. You’ll typically save money when compared to buying a new model, all while still maintaining the level of reliability and quality you expect from Ford vehicles.

They’ve Been Inspected

To enter the Ford CPO program, a vehicle must have a certain level of maintenance and upkeep. We test all pre-owned vehicles under Ford’s rigorous multi-point inspection regulations. That way, you know that any car bearing the certified pre-owned label has been tested under harsh circumstances.

They’ve Been Taken Care Of

Certified pre-owned vehicles typically don’t receive as much wear and tear as other used vehicles. The vast majority only have one previous owner, one who has treated the vehicle with proper care and attention. That’s why you can be assured of the quality of a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle; it’s only been gently used since it left the factory.

They Come With Extended Warranties

Often, certified pre-owned vehicles extend the warranty period beyond the factory-recommended end date. You can drive your pre-owned vehicle knowing that you’re covered for the basic systems, with engine and powertrain receiving extensive coverage.

Find a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Car in Folsom, CA

There’s a certified pre-owned Ford model for every driver, and Folsom Lake Ford has the ones for you. Visit us today to shop for pre-owned vehicles and ask us about our Ford financing offers!