Since it first hit the market in 2001, the Ford Escape has given countless drivers a real thrill. The 2023 Ford Escape, available now at Folsom Lake Ford, shows just how far the model has come, thanks to its widened grille, sleeker design, and available 13.2-inch infotainment display.

The Ford Escape has been an excellent option for compact crossover SUVs for four generations. Let’s dive into the history of the Ford Escape over the past two decades.

The Ford Escape First Generation (2001-2007)

First released for the 2001 model year, Ford and Mazda jointly developed the first-generation Ford Escape. With a standard inline-four engine and available V6 engine, the Ford Escape managed a surprising amount of power and capability thanks to its available all-wheel drive. Even back then, the Ford Escape came with hybrid gasoline and electric powertrain options.

The Ford Escape Second Generation (2008-2012)

While the first generation focused more on capability than style, the second-generation Ford Escape fine-tuned the front and rear with sharper edges. The interior was also freshened up with the then-latest standard Ford navigation system and black cloth and leather interior details.

The Ford Escape Third Generation (2013-2019)

Aerodynamics and technology were the focus of the third-generation Ford Escape. Ford smoothed out the interior for better aerodynamics, with additional technology like keyless entry and a brand-new entertainment system.

The Ford Escape Fourth Generation (2020-present)

Finally, the fourth-generation Ford Escape has a severely reduced vehicle weight while allowing for a more eco-friendly carbon footprint. Interior space has also been increased, with a maximum of 37.5 cubic feet of cargo space available.

The 2023 Ford Escape Is History in the Making

You can see the latest features and additions of the 2023 Ford Escape at Folsom Lake Ford. Visit us today in Folsom, CA to take a test drive!