If you’re new to car ownership, you may need to learn when to go in for service. And even if you’ve had your car for a while, you may not know what to look out for. These tips can help you decide if you need to visit the Folsom Lake Ford auto shop to schedule maintenance.

Keep an Eye on the Check Engine Light

One of the easiest things to notice is if your car tells you something is wrong by turning on the check engine light, flashing, or staying solid. The light indicates that something needs to be done at a shop.

Look Out for Smoke

Another visual indicator is if you see smoke, which is not usually a good sign, and you should make a service appointment immediately.  

Check for Leaks

Do you notice fluid that isn’t normal? Some normal fluids would be small puddles of water from your air conditioning. But colored liquid, no matter the size, is not usually typical.

Keep Your Ears Open

If your car is making odd noises, or even just one, it might be time to bring it in. No vehicle should make knocking, banging, squealing, or grinding sounds. Some minor brake squeaking might be okay, but sometimes it is best to be sure and just give us a call.

Check Your Fuel Consumption

Another sign might require a little more calculating. If you are a driver who monitors their fuel consumption and you notice that you are consuming more than you used to, it might be time to bring your vehicle for service. If you are handy, you can check fluids.  

If you have any concerns, you should give us a call or visit us at Folsom Lake Ford near Sacramento. We’re happy to get your car back into fight shape!