Looking to lease, but not sure when to start shopping around? Certain times of the year offer more financially beneficial Ford lease deals. Here at Folsom Lake Ford, our staff of finance professionals is highly experienced in this area, and we have some advice on the best times to search for and find a great lease deals on a Ford car or truck.

What Is a Ford Lease Deal?

A Ford lease is a fixed-time-period agreement with a dealership that necessitates monthly lease payments in order to essentially “rent” a vehicle. This process relieves drivers of responsibilities associated with long-term upkeep and car-valuation concerns while allowing drivers to switch vehicles and keep up with current trends more easily.

Leasing provides a lower price tag and removes the upfront payment requirement. It also reduces maintenance and service costs for your Ford vehicle, as most leased vehicles are new and still under warranty.

When Is the Best Time to Lease a Ford Car?

Most new Ford models are released between July and October, and great lease incentives and options can be found right after a new model is put out (or sometimes a bit later for super-hot models), so keep your eye on manufacturing schedules.

The end of the year is also known as one of the smartest times to lease. As Ford Motor Group and many Ford dealerships have quotas to meet, more offers are available.

National holidays also oftentimes represent a good time to get a leasing agreement. Especially around Memorial Day and Labor Day, there are many special offers for California drivers.

What Does Folsom Lake Ford Offer?

Our finance center provides customizable Ford lease deals throughout the year, and our highly qualified staff is here to give you personalized advice.

Schedule an appointment with our finance center today, and check out our “customize a Ford” application to create your Ford, your way.