Ford vehicles are built to last, but they need some extra Ford maintenance when autumn rolls around. Here at our service center near Sacramento, we know the cold winter months always approach quickly. In order to help you prepare your car for the elements, we’ve compiled a checklist of important maintenance tasks to focus on during the cooler months.  

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance 

Regular service is the simplest way to keep your vehicle healthy. Performing routine maintenance tasks keeps your car safe, reliable, and ready for anything. If you want your Ford vehicle to stand the test of time while remaining in tip-top shape, give it some special attention as the weather becomes colder and harsher. 

Fall Ford Maintenance Checklist 

It’s important to keep up with basic service tasks like oil changes, wheel alignments, and brake checks. But which tasks are especially helpful in the autumn season? Here are a few: 

  • Parts lubrication helps you avoid corrosion and the inability to open your doors and windows as the weather changes. 
  • Brake inspection ensures that you’re safe when stopping and starting on the road. 
  • A/C and heating check ensures comfort in the cabin of your car despite colder temperatures. 
  • Wiper blade replacement enhances your ability to drive safely throughout the new season 
  • Tire rotation and/or replacement is very important to ensure traction, momentum, and safe driving capabilities on winter roads. 
  • Battery cleaning helps you avoid electrical issues in cold weather. 

Visit Folsom Lake Ford For Fall Service 

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