If you’re thinking about upgrading your Ford car, you have plenty of options. Do you think the engine performance needs an upgrade? Or would you rather improve the tires and the handling? You could also upgrade the exterior or cabin appearance.  

Whatever you decide to upgrade, Folsom Lake Ford has a large selection of high-quality Ford dealer parts waiting for you. 


Investing in better tires can help upgrade your car’s handling and drive quality. As the weather cools down here in Folsom, CA, a good set of tires can make a huge difference in the way that your Ford car performs on cold and slippery roads. And performance tires are a must for anybody who takes their Ford Mustang to the track.  


One of the most important considerations when it comes to driver safety is knowing that you can bring your car smoothly to a stop. While you should be regularly checking your brakes, upgrading them gives you added peace of mind every time you come to a stop.  

Air Intake 

Your car’s air intake cleans out the toxic fumes that enter your vehicle. If your vehicle is more than a few years old, upgrading to a new air intake system can help improve your car’s fuel efficiency and overall performance.  

Spark Plugs 

Factory-built spark plugs have been known to misfire, decreasing the speed of your car and its reliability. Replacing your spark plugs can sometimes increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions.  

Stereo Systems 

If you drive an older Ford model, you may want to modernize your car’s stereo system by upgrading it with modern technologies such as Bluetooth® and Apple CarPlay®.  

Shop for these high-quality Ford dealer parts and more right here at Folsom Lake Ford. We’ll order the parts you need and install them for you. Visit us today!