Maintenance is such a crucial part of caring for your Ford Edge. Your SUV needs routine care to ensure everything works smoothly and efficiently. And, when you need quality care, the service team at Folsom Lake Ford has you covered.  

Our Recommended Maintenance Schedule  

We encourage you to schedule service for your Ford Edge beginning at 10,000 miles and continuing every 10,000 miles thereafter. You will need to repeat the same maintenance tasks at each 10,000-mile interval, as well as few additional tasks:  

  • 10,000-mile interval tasks: oil and filter change, tire rotation, brake system inspection, cooling system inspection, exhaust system inspection, and suspension joints inspection  
  • 20,000-mile interval tasks: cabin air filter replacement  
  • 30,000-mile interval tasks: engine air filter replacement  
  • 100,000-mile interval tasks: spark plug replacement, coolant replacement, and accessory drive belt inspection 
  • 150,000-mile interval tasks: transmission fluid replacement and accessory drive belt replacement (unless you’ve already completed these tasks) 

Determining Your Ideal Schedule 

Keep in mind, this schedule is intended for cars being driven under normal conditions. If your driving habits are unconventional, we suggest consulting with our trained technicians to ensure your Ford SUV is getting the maintenance it needs.  

If any of these pertain to you, you may need maintenance more often:  

  • Frequently taking short trips  
  • Frequently towing or carrying heavy loads 
  • Driving in adverse conditions (in inclement weather or on abnormal terrains) 
  • Regularly driving on hills or mountains  
  • Consistently driving in stop-and-go traffic  

When you need Ford service near Sacramento, our trained and certified technicians have you covered. Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment or stop in and see us at your convenience. We’ll help you enjoy your Ford Edge for all the miles to come.