At Folsom Lake Ford, we always emphasize just how important routine service and maintenance is for every vehicle. Ford vehicles are built tough, but that doesn’t mean that you can skip trips to the Ford service center important maintenance tasks like oil changes.

Here’s what you can expect if you neglect the health of your car.

Expensive Repairs

Cars that aren’t well cared for can develop some major problems. These issues can end up being quite expensive to fix, and in many cases these big bills could have been avoided if you had just stuck to a routine maintenance schedule.

One of the best examples is the oil change. This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive bit of maintenance, but it’s crucial. Fresh oil better lubricates your engine and protects many of its parts from heat and friction.

Old oil doesn’t do this job well, which can lead to engine damage. Fixing this will cost you far more than an oil change would have, so it’s clear that proper maintenance is as good for your wallet as it is for your vehicle.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Certain maintenance tasks also help your car run more efficiently. Skipping service appointments can result in reduced fuel economy, which costs you at the pump and means increased emissions from your vehicle.

Unsafe Situations

Routine maintenance also keeps your vehicle operating safely. If you take frequent trips to the mechanic, they can spot issues with parts like tires and brake pads before they become a danger to you and your passengers. A well-maintained car is generally going to keep you safer on the road.

If you think that you need some new Ford parts and some mechanical expertise, visit our Ford dealership serving Sacramento. The technicians at our service center would be glad to help you out.