A Certified Pre-Owned car isn’t just any used car. The Ford Certified Pre-Owned program has high standards, so you can be confident that the models you find here at Folsom Lake Ford have been put through their paces.

Here’s what a CPO inspector has to confirm about a used car before it can be certified.

The Age

Most Certified Pre-Owned programs have set age and mileage limits. This ensures that a driver is getting a relatively new vehicle that still has a lot of life in it. An inspector will make sure that this vehicle is actually the right age and that the mileage reading on the odometer is accurate.

All Systems are Working as Intended

The CPO inspector needs to make sure that every system in your vehicle is working as intended. Each part of the braking system, each component in the engine compartment, and the entire electrical system is carefully scrutinized. If there are any problems, they are fixed before the vehicle is certified.

The Car Looks Great

A cosmetic check is also a part of the CPO inspection process. The bumpers, door handles, and every other exterior component needs to be in top shape. If there are dings, dents, scratches, or issues with the paint job, these things need to be fixed before a vehicle can be considered a Certified Pre-Owned Ford car.

All Hybrid Components Work

If the vehicle is a hybrid model, the CPO inspection also needs to ensure that its hybrid and electric components are all working as intended. The battery and its voltage sensor require a closer look.

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