Our Ford loans open up the potential for many types of drivers to get the vehicle they need at a monthly price within their budget. A similar method of getting your dream car on budget is leasing, which our dealership also offers.

There are just some key differences to be aware of between the two, and we’re happy to break it down.

About Ford Loans

Ford loans are pretty straight forward as far as car loans go. The process goes like this:

  • Apply for credit and learn what you’re eligible for
  • Select the vehicle you want to buy
  • We go over the terms with you and help you find a lender
  • You sign on the dotted line
  • Drive away happy in your new Ford car
  • Over time, you make payments until the car is officially yours

About Ford Leases

Leases involve slightly more fine print since it’s more like a long-term car rental, with the potential to become a purchase later. These are ideal for drivers wanting something less permanent or those interested in getting the newest and best features for a lower monthly cost than buying.

Due to the nature of leases, they’re best for people who don’t put tons of wear or miles on their vehicle. Other need-to-know info for vehicle leases include:

  • Leases end in about two to three years
  • Most leases have mileage limits, so no road trips
  • Your lease may have service guidelines that you’ll need to follow
  • There are penalties for extreme wear to your leased vehicle
  • At the end of the lease, you can choose to buy or return it

Which is Best for You

Come see us at Folsom Lake Ford near Sacramento to get started on the financing or leasing process. We look forward to going over the details with you and helping you select your perfect vehicle.