Vehicle technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Here at Folsom Lake Ford, we can help you find new Ford models that offer the latest driver assistance tech and features. The next frontier in automotive engineering is self-driving technology, and Ford is taking some big steps to get ahead of its competition in this field.

The Ford brand partnered with Argo AI to work on autonomous vehicles a while back. Now it’s ready to start testing its third-generation self-driving car. This self-driving prototype is a Ford Fusion Hybrid, but it’s been outfitted with tech that you’re not going to find on the traditional market. This Ford Fusion model has been equipped with an upgraded suite of sensors, cameras, and radar units, to react better to everything the road can throw its way. This model has also been equipped with a brand new computing system that’s far more powerful than its previous incarnation. It’s not just smarter. It runs cooler and quieter than Ford Fusion models that have come before it.

This self-driving car will be tested on the streets of Detroit, which are sure to offer a variety of unique challenges for this pioneering vehicle. Some streets have unmarked lanes or have scenery that could potentially block cameras and sensors, including low tree branches. This testing will help Ford engineers learn more and develop the tech to introduce an autonomous vehicle just a couple years down the road. We can’t wait to see everything this new Ford technology can do!

When you’re looking for cars that offer the latest tech and a brand that’s always innovating, visit our Ford dealership near Sacramento. We make it easy to find a car that offers the advanced features you’re looking for!