Here at Folsom Lake Ford, we understand the thrill of off-roading. From our wide selection of off-road ready vehicles to our skilled and passionate maintenance staff, we’re advocates for taking your Ford out into the wilderness. However, we are also a Ford dealer that understands the value of off-roading safely.

Not every car is equipped to tackle the backcountry right off the dealership. While there are truly versatile and capable vehicles like the Ford Ranger out there, others aren’t so prepared to trade pavement for dirt. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prepare your car for the great outdoors.

First things first, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle has an adequate amount of ground clearance. Ground clearance is the amount of space that separates the ground from the underside of your car. The greater your ground clearance, the better, as you’ll want to avoid having your undercarriage scrapped by potentially hazardous obstacles on the trail.

Your tires are another essential component of effective off-roading. You’ll want to have significant depth in your tire tread to ensure traction across a wide variety of terrain. Durability is also important, as the trail can offer far greater roadside hazards than the paved highway. The last thing you’ll want is a popped tire in the middle of nowhere.

Lastly, it is incredibly important that you pack a bug out bag. Bug out bags is essentially survival kits, that have everything you might need in a pinch, from first aid equipment to unperishable snacks. While off-roading can be a thrilling way to experience the great outdoors, it is crucial that you head out there ready for anything.

At Folsom Lake Ford our team can help you get ready for a trek into the outdoors. Our fully equipped service department has everything you need to get your car off-road ready so that you can tackle the worst terrain out there with ease.