At Folsom Lake Ford, we are a Ford dealership that will go above and beyond to meet all of your automotive needs. Our sales team is often asked whether car buying or car leasing is better. The answer is quite complicated, and can all depend on what you expect out of your driving experience.

So you want to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, but you can’t decide whether to buy the vehicle outright or invest in a lease. There are some pretty big differences between buying and leasing.

Leasing, for instance, offers you a chance to own the car for a limited amount of time. Once the lease agreement ends, you can get behind the wheel of another new vehicle after the lease fees and any damages are all paid for. On the other hand, when you buy a car, you typically agree to sign an auto loan, which allows you to finance the total of the vehicle. Once the auto loan is paid, you own the car outright.

So, which is better? Car leasing is great for anyone who loves to drive the latest and greatest vehicles on the market. For instance, if you want to drive every iteration of the Ford Ranger, short lease agreements could be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you want to own a car, and drive that car for a long time, buying could be a better option. In truth, there is no right or wrong, and in the end, it all depends on what you are looking for in car ownership.

If you have any questions regarding leasing or buying our skilled finance and sales team at Folsom Lake Ford are here to help. We’ll walk you through every step of the car buying or leasing process, and help you leave our dealership behind the wheel of something you’ll love driving.