When you visit Folsom Lake Ford, you can expect to choose from a wide selection of new and used Ford brand vehicles, and receive help from a team that is dedicated to your satisfaction. We’ll share our automotive knowledge with you to improve the quality of your drive and get you behind the wheel of something you’ll love. So, in the spirit of sharing knowledge, we’re here to explain how you can save money at the pump and enjoy a smoother and safer ride.

Fuel economy is a top issue with car buyers nowadays, especially with gas prices rising, and increased attention to carbon emissions. While you can invest in a brand new Ford hybrid car, you can also boost your current car’s fuel economy with some tried and true practices.

For starters, you should have your tires checked, rotated, and balanced. When your tires are bald, or not balanced properly, they provide less traction on the road, and as a result cause your engine to work harder, burning more fuel.

Motor oil is another thing to watch out for, as old motor oil can also cause your engine to work harder. To prevent this, have your car’s oil changed either once every three months, or however often your manufacturer recommends.

Alternatively, you could simply try fueling up in the mornings. When gasoline gets hot, it expands, and as a result, can make your gas tank appear fuller than it is. By fueling up in the mornings before the gas heats up, you can get a more accurate gauge of how much fuel is in your tank.

These are just a handful of ways to improve your fuel economy. If you’d like to know more or want to invest in something more fuel efficient, visit our dealership today at Folsom Lake Ford; we’ll be sure to fulfill any of your automotive needs.