Did you know that your vehicle has five major fluids that keep it running? The correct fluid levels in your car increase its efficiency and performance. Moreover, regularly inspecting your fluids helps your engine last longer. Examining your vehicle’s fluids is as simple as opening up the hood of your vehicle. Folsom Lake Ford in Folsom, CA recommends that you visually inspect your fluids on a regular basis. If you notice low levels, discoloration, or debris in the oil, then contact your nearest Ford dealership serving Sacramento, CA. Our service department handles oil changes, brakes, and coolant replacement.

For maximum efficiency, it’s crucial to keep your eye on five critical fluids.

  1. Brake fluid.
  2. Engine oil.
  3. Transmission fluid.
  4. Power steering fluid.
  5. Coolant

The first four fluids are easy to check with the dipstick method. You’ll want to look not only at the levels of fluids but also the quality of the oil. If it seems dirty or has lost color, then you need to replace it or top it off.

However, the fifth fluid is our coolant. Also known as antifreeze, the coolant may splash you if you open the cap, which is why we suggest leaving the lid on. You can view the levels using the markings on the outside of the reservoir.

Your owner’s manual explains where each of these fluid reservoirs is located and helps you master the dipstick. Doing a monthly check gets you familiar with what is typical for your used Ford car. Our Sacramento, CA Ford Dealership offers services for many makes and models, including Ford trucks and cars. If you notice a leak or decreasing levels of fluid, then check with our technicians. Stop into Folsom Lake Ford today to assess your fluids and maintenance schedule.