Here at Folsom Lake Ford, we aim to make the car buying process as wrinkle-free as possible. One thing that we have noticed in our decades of selling the newest Ford vehicles to drivers near Sacramento, CA is that people have a number of car buying myths and misconceptions in their heads. In order to simplify the car buying process for everybody, we’d like to take the time to debunk some of these common car buying myths. 

The best time to buy a car is at the end of the month

This longstanding myth stems from a piece of car buying advice that states that dealers are more likely to give you a bigger discount at the end of the month because they’re trying to reach a sales quota. While this is sometimes true, it fails to take into effect that the dealer might have already met that quota and even if it hasn’t, you might be stuck with a vehicle with a color you don’t like or lacking options that you want. Instead, shop for a new Ford car at any time of the month and configure it to your liking.

You can avoid sales tax by purchasing out of state

While it may be tempting to drive to a nearby state to avoid paying California’s high sales tax, the truth is that it’s not worth it. It’s true that neighboring states have lower sales taxes, but the fact of the matter is that the sales tax is assessed based on the area of registration, not the location of the actual purchase.

For a smooth, hassle-free Ford buying experience, head down to Folsom Lake Ford and talk to a friendly dealer.