In their 2018 Ford Edge review, Car and Driver calls the Ford SUV “the two-row crossover everyone can enjoy.” And judging by the drivers we’ve seen here at Folsom Lake Ford, that review is right on the mark. Couple that with the fact that U.S. News & World Report named the 2018 Ford Edge the 2018 Best Two-Row SUV for the Money thanks to its incredible combination of quality and value, and it might just be time to test drive a 2018 Ford Edge of your very own here at our dealership.

There’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel of the 2018 Ford Edge. The engineers at Ford have put a premium on performance, delivering a vehicle with plenty of power, impressive performance, and confident handling. Adaptive steering is a feature we love here at Folsom Lake Ford for its ability to dynamically adjust the steering response of the front wheels to match the speed at which you’re driving. When you’re cruising along at low speeds, adaptive steering allows you to turn the front wheels more with less of a turn in the steering wheel. This provides added agility for precise maneuvers. When you’re up at highway speeds, adaptive steering allows the vehicle to react smoothly and precisely to your input for a more comfortable, enjoyable driving experience.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is similarly responsive thanks to sensors that constantly monitor traction. These sensors allow the 2018 Ford Edge to react to changing weather and road conditions by balancing the torque between the front and rear wheels. In this way, handling is further enhanced and traction is maximized to stop wheelslip before it even occurs.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what this capable crossover can do. Head to our Ford dealership near Roseville, CA today to learn more.