California is known for wildfires due to the density of dry foliage. When the fire spreads, homeowners have to evacuate by the thousands, leaving their home and other valuables behind. Residents later return to find a pile of ashes where their homes use to be.

For one Sonoma County family, this was exactly what happened. One piece of property, though, did survive the fire. Dave and Kate Anderson returned to their residence to find their home destroyed. Their 2007 Ford F-150, though, was mostly intact.

The couple escaped the fire by driving away in their 2006 Ford Ranger, while their 24-year old daughter Kaley evacuated in the family’s new 2017 Ford Escape. They were forced to leave behind the Ford F-150.

Even after the fire, their F-150 still worked perfectly fine, and the interior sustained zero damage. The exterior frame, though, did melt a bit from the heat.

After the couple’s insurance money came in, they promptly repaired the exterior. They did indicate that they would likely sell the truck and buy a new 2017 or 2018 Ford F-150.

Read the Anderson’s story at USA Today.

A Ford F-150 surviving a fire is a testament to its sturdy strength. This is why the vehicle has been America’s best-selling pickup truck for over four decades.

For the 2018 model, the truck has more aluminum comprising of its body. There have also been a few styling updates, a powertrain upgrade, and the option for a diesel engine upgrade.

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