Hybrid vehicles tend to rise as summer approaches. This makes sense as more people embark on lengthy road trips and want to expend the least amount of fuel possible.

Most auto companies have their own hybrid models, but Ford automakers are ahead of the pack for this month in sales. This past May, the manufacturer sold 9,221 hybrid vehicles, a 3,400 increase from the same month last year. The 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid made up roughly half of those sales.

If you’re still on the fences about buying a hybrid vehicle, you should know that the federal government offers a tax credit up to $7,500 for the purchase of hybrid and electric cars. Individual states may also have their own incentives.

The Ford Fusion has much to offer even if you’re not interested in the hybrid variant. If you go for the standard model, you can choose between six engine options and two drivetrains.

In addition, the model has also been updated for 2017. For starters, it has received a newly redesigned rotary shift, not to mention upgraded electric parking and instrument cluster. Testers have noted exceptionally smooth shifting for the EcoBoost models and a seamless integration of the vehicle’s engine stop-start function. Testers have also noted that both hybrid and non-hybrid models have a relatively quiet operation. The exhaust outlets have also been repositioned and are now in the lower rear fascia.

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