Lengthy road trips are a lot less lonely when you travel with a canine pal. Off-road enthusiasts often bring their dog along for wilderness excursions. This leads to a commonly asked question: what is the best way to transport a dog on a pickup truck?

The safest solution is to keep your canine inside the cabin. Pickup models like the 2017 Ford F-150 provide plenty of cargo space, especially the mega cab variants.

Some people, however, may choose to leave their dog inside a crate, which they secure on the cargo bed of the truck. Keep in mind that this practice is perfectly legal in the state of California as long as the crate is securely fastened. All transported animals must be restrained unless they’re in an enclosed part of the vehicle. This means animals cannot be transported on the bed if they’re not confined in a crate. A crate is not necessary if the bed is enclosed with a camper.

We recommend that crates meet the following standards if you choose to keep your dog confined:

-The crate should be large enough for your dog to fully stand upright.

-The bottom should be leak-proof and enforced with absorbent material.

-There should be ventilation on at least two sides and exterior rims to prevent airflow from becoming blocked.

-Include a water bottle, a comfortable mat, and a chew toy to keep your dog comfy.

-Keep identification on both the dog and the crate.

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