2017 Ford Mustang

Despite the current-generation Ford Mustang having only been released back in 2014, the high-performance vehicle is already due for a mid-cycle refresh. Spy shots captured a 2018 Ford Mustang prototype on test roads and heavily camouflaged.

The vehicle is practically covered head to toe, so it’s hard to make out even minor details. Due to the headlights being covered, which is unusual even for a camouflaged test mule, it’s suspected that there are some changes there.

The rear bumper and taillights also appear slightly different and only partially in place. The taillights are positioned a bit higher. There is also a black panel with a GT badge that sits unusually far into the body as opposed to being closer to the edge of the trunk lid. Even the license plate is different with a more enclosed shape.

There are also plenty of rumors regarding changes that will take place under the hood. This includes speculations about a switch to a new 10-speed automatic transmission. This is the same transmission that is already in use for several other high-performance cars from competing brands. It’s also in use for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.

Earlier in the year, another Ford Mustang test mule was spotted in Dearborn, MI. That prototype was based on the Mach 1 model, and the sound of the engine had some believing it had a revamped version of the 5.0-liter V8 engine. It’s now believed that the mule was used to test upgrades for the refreshed Ford Mustang that was last seen.

Of course, the 2018 Ford Mustang is still at least a year away. In the meantime, check out the current 2017 Ford Mustang at Folsom Lake Ford. Stop by our Ford dealership near Sacramento, CA to look up both new and pre-owned Ford Mustangs models. We hope to see you soon!