On the surface, an automaker and apparel company don’t appear to have anything in common. That doesn’t stop two companies,from teaming up, though. The Ford brand has announced a partnership with jeans maker 69 Denim.

Apparently, the collaboration was made in part to promote the 2016 Ford Fusion. The reason for the teamwork lies in the construction of future Ford Fusion models. 69 Denim’s apparel is made from sustainable materials. Likewise, parts of the Ford Fusion, such as the upholstery, seat cushions, and floor mats, are also made from eco-friendly materials. 69 Denim has, in fact, donated leftover denim material to the car maker, which it used to make insulation material for the sound system of the Ford Fusion.

69 Denim has also released various promotional products for the Ford Fusion, including jeans and tote bags embroidered with the Ford logo.

This is not the first time the car maker has collaborated with the fashion industry. Past partners have included Vogue magazine, Rent the Runway, and Milk Studios.

While other car companies have worked with the fashion industry, the Ford brand is a bit different in the sense that it places a much heavier emphasis on sustainability. The company is also currently in a partnership with the tequila brand Jose Cuervo. This furthers the automaker’s commitment to sustainability; Jose Cuervo’s beverage is made from an agave plant byproduct that the Ford company plans on using for its car parts.

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