June was a good month for the Ford F-150, which saw a lot of social media activity. The pickup, in fact, beat out all other trucks in terms of Twitter activity.

According to ListenFirst Media, a New York-based company that analyzes social media trends among vehicle brands, the 2016 Ford F-150 came out on top in the pickup category.

The Ford brand released a tweet in June of a deep blue Ford F-150 model set within a mountainous backdrop. The tweet was a success, garnering over 80 retweets. To help facilitate conversation, the automaker used the hashtag #TruckTuesday.

It’s not just the Ford F-150 that received the most June Tweets. The Ford brand as a whole also received the most overall tweets in the same month. This makes it the third month in a row that the automaker topped the list according to ListenFirst Media’s metrics.

There’s even more good news for the brand. The automaker’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine was the most tweeted subject under the Ford brand. This is no surprise considering that the engine was named – for the fifth year in a row – as the best engine under 1.0-liters.

It’s also no surprise that the Ford F-150 was the most tweeted truck. The pickup, after all, has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 34 consecutive years. It has been the best-selling pickup for even longer. In 2015, it sold a total of 780,354 units. The figure includes the entire Ford F-series model lineup, such as the Ford F-250 and 2016 Ford F-350 among others.

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