According to reports, a new Ford Focus RS is being developed. Supposedly, it will be named the RS500 and will essentially be a Ford Focus RS on steroids. Some of the improvements include an overall lighter body weight, better grip capability, and upgraded drivetrain components.

Some also expect more power, though this is unlikely given that the 2.3-liter, turbo four-cylinder engine under the hood of the current Ford Focus RS has already been pushed to its maximum output. In addition, there is no additional space in the engine bay for adding more cooling capacity.

News of the Ford Focus RS500 has been circulating since last year. There was news that this version would emphasize better performance through a number of factors, such as the removal of the rear seats, the inclusion of carbon-ceramic brakes, improved tires, and a dual-clutch unit in place of a manual gearbox. It’s also been speculated that there would be a redesigned bumper to enhance cooling capability.

Not much else is known at this point, but some analysts are speculating that there will be more aluminum and carbon components for the body frame. This could slash the base weight by up to 220 pounds.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that a Ford Focus RS500 is far from a done deal. Ford is currently dedicating a lot of its resources towards the regular Ford Focus RS. Even if the Ford Focus RS500 does become a reality, it will likely only be released in limited quantities, meaning only the most avid car collectors will be able to get their hands on it.

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