To the delight of some of the show’s most hardcore fans, Agent Mulder and Scully are back. Not only has the pair returned and chasing UFOs, but they are traveling in style in a 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum.

According to a statement by Ford, the duo will be doing their investigations while traversing from scene to scene in the beloved SUV. The vehicle has already been featured in the first few episodes and is expected to make even more appearances in the series’ six episode run.

Unfortunately for the show, reception was lukewarm at best. While some hardcore fans are delighted, others felt the show should have never been revived. Regardless, the exposure is all positive for the Explorer Platinum.

The Explorer has been the country’s top-selling SUV for 25 years and counting. The Platinum model made its debut in 2015 and received rave reviews, including one reviewer that described the SUV as “quiet yet powerful.”

Ford actually has a longstanding relationship with the creators of the show, and various Ford vehicles have been showcased since The X-Files’ inception in 1993. Other Ford cars like the Taurus, Mustang, and Escape are also expected to be shown throughout the new season.

If you watch the show, then be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Ford cars shown onscreen in the next episode. Also feel free to review older episodes to see the multiple Ford automobiles represented over the show’s previous nine season run.

If the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum is good enough for two seasoned FBI agents to travel in, then it should be good enough for you. Even if it’s another model you are interested in, our Ford dealership near Roseville has an extended lineup of brand new 2015 and 2016 vehicles for you to check out.