Ford has confirmed that every 2017 Ford F150 that comes with an Eco-Boost under the hood will be fitted with start-stop technology.

According to Ford spokeswoman Jessica Enoch, it’s currently working with EPA to get the technology certified. This is required as the agency is releasing increasingly stringent requirements in an effort to cut down on carbon emissions. Generally, the use of start-stop systems curbs emissions by around 5 percent and also slightly increases fuel economy. Ford has yet to release the official mileage numbers for the F150 with the stop-start system.

Some people have expressed concerns that stop-start technology may affect overall performance. The feature, however, can be disabled by simply selecting four-wheel-drive or towing mode.

Start-stop technology utilizes an ultracapacitator, which supplies the sudden power burst needed to restart the engine when the driver takes the foot off the breaks and hits the throttle.

Start-stop systems are quickly becoming the norm in automobile technology. The system is designed to automatically shut down the engine when the car is in idle for a specific duration of time, such as when at a stop light.

In other F150 news, the pickup is also making headways after Ford proudly announced that the F series has, for the 34th year in a row, claimed the title as the top selling car in America. It surpassed its own record with 780,000 trucks sold in 2015.

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