This past Thanksgiving, Ford introduced an ad promoting a new backup trailer assist feature. The commercial was featured during a Fox NFL coverage and highlighted the new technological advancement that will make daily commuting just a little bit easier for truckers.

The backup trailer assist will be available for the 2016 Ford F150 and was designed to address the common issue of backing up a large vehicle trailer.

The decision by Ford to invest heavily in an ad such as this one may prove to be a smart move. A survey from Autotrader revealed that 77 percent of car buyers considered technology features to be more important than the car’s color. Furthermore, 65 percent also indicated that they would switch brands entirely if one had all the tech features they were looking for.

While more brands are implementing new technology, very few are going the extra mile to promote it. The ad by Ford was titled “Brainstorm” and is one of three Ford F150 commercials to hit the airwaves. The other two emphasized on the pickup’s strength, safety ratings, and gas mileage.

Ford also happens to own the Detroit Lions, which played on Thanksgiving. It’s no surprise, then, that the ad will appear during a Lions game.

As for the backup trailer assist feature, the ad barely does it justice. It was, after all, awarded the “Best of Innovation Awards” by Consumer Technology Association.

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