The 2016 Ford Focus RS is getting a lot of buzz with the announcement of an all-wheel-drive system and a 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque engine. Even more importantly, a GKN Twinster system has been added for a whole new driving experience.

According to GKN Driveline vice president Ray Kuczera and Ford AWD systems engineer Jim Fritz, the model will utilize an advanced system consisting of two wet clutches in the rear driveline. This will replace the front-wheel-drive that comes standard for the Focus.

The System works using valves that control the hydraulic torque pressure for the rear wheels. This is made possible by installing a GKN electronic control unit fixed to the rear-drive unit that relays data to other engine control units, such as the brake and engine controller.

The various drive modes available determine the amount of torque control delivered. This is done using several multi-axis calibration tables and multiple mode-dependent subsystems.

When the Focus is in Normal or Sport mode, the system provides complete AWD capability. When in Track mode, the torque is reduced to prevent oversteer, thereby improving your lap time. There is also a Drift mode, where further torque adjustment is made to create optimal oversteer.

With the Ford Focus RS, a gear ratio offset has also been implemented. The gear ratio is actually taller in the rear than at the front, which enables overspeeding of the rear wheels for optimal torque vectoring.

The Ford Focus is definitely a vehicle to check out at our Ford dealership near El Dorado Hills. If you’re specifically interested in the Twinster system, then speak with one of our dealers who may be able to provide further updates.