Prospect area Ford Escape and Fiesta buyers will be pleased to hear that the two models will benefit from the Sync 3 system. The technology, now in its third generation, will be replacing the MyFord Touch infotainment system in previous models.

The system will likely appeal to consumers, more of whom are citing seamless connectivity of personal devices as a key factor when making a buying decision. The latest Sync 3 will be quicker with fewer voice commands required to select a song track, make a call, or set a destination.

In addition, the monitor will function much like a tablet with touchscreen capabilities. Also, Sync 3 will utilize Blackberry’s QNX system; this will replace the Microsoft technology used in previous models.

What’s more, drivers will be able to connect the apps on their mobile device to the touchscreen using the AppLink function. For iPhone users, this means being able to use the Siri voice command system by simply tapping a button located on the steering wheel. This new function will allow drivers to stay connected to their smartphone while keeping their attention on the road.

All updates for the Sync 3 will be delivered automatically through a WiFi receiver. Sync 3 will also expected to be available on half of all Ford vehicles by the end of the year. Sync became available in 2007 and is now used in more than 12 million automobiles around the world.

The 2016 Ford Escape and Ford Fiesta with Sync 3 technology will be released in the summer. Feel free to check these models out by visiting Folsom Lake Ford. Our Ford dealers near El Dorado Hills will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the new technology.