There is always something on the horizon for Ford, and today I’m going to let you in on a couple. Ford has done everything it can to be an innovator in the technology that is in your Ford vehicle. Today I found out that to keep innovating, Ford has made some pretty cool moves.

Upgrade The Software

These days it is all about the computer technology in the vehicle that makes it cooler to play with. Ford just acquired a new software company called Livio to better advance the connectivity of the vehicle. The days of the earplug are long gone and the day of the car connected to your phone is in its hey day. If you want a vehicle that knows what you want almost before you say it, then Ford will help you get inside it.


Plug It In

The Ford plug in only vehicles are making huge strides every year in their efficiency. There are now enough of them out there in the world that the fun stat I read earlier today was that they use enough electricity in their non gas miles to circle the world eight times every day. Not everyone is ready for a plug in vehicle, but if you are, of course you should know where to find one.


Join Us

I don’t have the time today, but you wouldn’t believe the improvements coming to the new Ford F150. Roseville is going to flip when they see what we have to offer in the near future. Of course if you’re in the market for a Ford F150, Folsom is going to be just as impressed. Everybody should check out the cool changes coming.