The blue oval is more than just a brand logo my friends. The blue oval is a symbol for an American way of life. The cars and trucks of the Ford Motor Company have helped shape this country in near every way imaginable. If you stop and look at the world around us, I challenge you to find me something Ford hasn’t helped build.

Farm The Land

When I help out on the family farm, the Ford F-150 is what gets us here and there and pulls all the heavy jobs. Our grain wagons are pulled by Ford, and when we all pull up to the Casey’s General Store every morning, we park beside everyone else’s Ford truck in the lot.


Build The Homes

If you drive through the new areas of growth you’ll see all the contractors and their Ford trucks in a row. Job sites are full of them. The work truck is a sacred bond with a man and we here at the company could not be prouder of how our trucks continue to grow with the demand. The next hurdle is coming and we are ready to meet it head on.


Drive The Truck

If you’re looking for a company that continues to listen and give the people what they want then I promise you’ve found it. Take the quick trip from El Dorado Hills. The Ford Explorer will help you get the kids to school, the family to vacation, and whatever else you may need it to do. If you’re looking for something for your teenager to be safe in, try out the Ford Focus. El Dorado Hills is just one more Ford community we’re happy to serve.