For many years, drivers have continued to choose Ford vehicles for their reliability and durability. While the parts underneath their hood are of utmost quality and meant to last, there will come a time when a Ford repair will be necessary.

Learn why Folsom Lake Ford is the place to go when your vehicle requires attention and care.

Certified Technicians

The certified technicians in our state-of-the-art Ford service department are thoroughly trained on your model. Whether it’s general maintenance or a complicated repair, they are prepared to tackle any challenges that come their way. Common repairs often include your battery, lights, air conditioning, and tires.

Genuine Ford Parts

When it’s time for a replacement, our team uses exclusively genuine Ford parts. These components are made for your exact make and model to ensure a perfect fit with optimal performance.

They also come with a warranty for peace of mind. We completely avoid aftermarket parts, as they can compromise the safety of your vehicle with their “one size fits all” philosophy.

Service Coupons

Owning a vehicle can become increasingly pricey when repairs pop up. If you need a repair, be sure to check out our current coupons for service and parts on our website. We frequently offer savings on oil changes in Folsom, CA, as well as tires, brake services, and more.

If you’re ready to get your Ford Expedition back to running like-new, schedule an appointment with the team at Folsom Lake Ford. As you wait for your service to be completed, we invite you to browse the stunning models in our showroom and connect to our free Wi-Fi.

We also carry used and certified pre-owned models. See you soon!