After you purchase a new Ford vehicle, there will come a time when you will need to repair or replace a part. At Folsom Lake Ford, our service department uses exclusively original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Ford parts to ensure top performance.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

OEM parts are components that are manufactured for your specific model and provide a perfect fit. On the contrary, aftermarket parts are made to fit a variety of models. Drivers sometimes choose these parts because of their low cost and availability at local automotive stores. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” philosophy behind these parts can result in expensive repairs and compromised safety.

These are five out of many reasons to choose Ford parts for your next repair:


Ford parts are made out of quality materials that will be effective and last for a long time. Aftermarket parts are often made of cheaper materials and as a result, they will require replacement sooner.

2. Warranty

Most aftermarket parts do not come with a warranty. When the time comes for replacement, you may have to pay for the part all over again. With OEM parts, you will be able to get a new part at no cost if the warranty is still valid.

3. Ease of Replacement

Our team of certified technicians are fully trained on the ins and outs of OEM components, so we’ll be able to get your vehicle back to running like new in no time.

4. Save Money

While Ford parts may be slightly more costly, their lifespan combined with their warranties allows you to save money in the long run.

5. Value

When the time comes to trade your Ford F-150 in, a vehicle history report will be run. If aftermarket parts or repairs are detected, the value of the vehicle may decrease.

If you have any questions about purchasing Ford parts, give our CA Ford dealers a call or swing by.