If you are located in the Folsom, CA area and are searching for used SUVs, visit the CA Ford dealers at Folsom Lake Ford. While driving home in a brand new SUV is desirable, it’s not for everyone.

Previously owned models may better align with your budget and are just as reliable. Find out more about this option then visit our team to begin test driving.

Used Car Advantages

The primary reason drivers choose to purchase a used SUV, like the Ford Expedition, is cost. There are multiple ways that this option allows you to save money, including a lower ticket price.

New cars depreciation, or lose value, the moment they leave the dealership parking lot. In the first year of ownership, they may depreciate up to 30 percent. You will dodge the bulk or all of this amount with a used car.

As a result of a lower value, you will save on annual registration costs and monthly insurance premiums. If you choose a newer used model, you may even save on repair costs with the remainder of its warranty.

For added peace of mind on the road, certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles are an exceptional option. They must pass a thorough 172-point inspection, be less than six years old, and come with a vehicle history report. They also come with added warranties.

Choosing a Used Car

You will find a wide variety of makes and models in our pre-owned inventory. Before your arrival at our dealership, you may want to outline your needs. If you are bust out of the seams in your midsize SUV, you may want to consider a full-size model like the Ford Expedition. Are you looking to upgrade from your sedan to a higher, more spacious SUV? Check out the Ford Edge.

Choose Folsom Lake Ford for all of your automotive needs, including Ford service. We hope to see you soon.