If you have been searching for a reliable compact SUV that fits your budget, look no further than a pre-owned Ford Escape at Folsom Lake Ford. Hitting the road in a pre-owned vehicle can be just as exciting as driving off in something brand new. Learn about the reliability and other advantages of used models today!

Reliability of a Used Ford Escape

Just because the Ford Escape you’re eyeing was previously driven by another driver, doesn’t mean it’s less reliable than a new model. The team of certified service experts at our dealership examine, test, and ensure that each model on our lot is safe and dependable for its new owner. If you are still on the fence about a used car, we invite you to discover our certified pre-owned (CPO) options.

To be considered CPO, vehicles must undergo and pass a rigorous 172-point inspection that the make has determined. They must be less than six years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles. In addition to a CARFAX® report that will reveal any red flags, CPO models come with added warranties for your peace of mind.

Choosing Used at Our Dealership

There are various advantages to choosing a pre-owned model at our dealership. In addition to a lower ticket price, registration fees and insurance premiums will likely cost less. Dodging most or all of the depreciation, which is the rate at which your model loses value, is also a huge perk of choosing used. Finally, if there are certain features in a new model that you love but can’t justify the cost, you may be able to obtain them in a slightly older model for a fraction of the cost.

You can rely on our used car dealership near Sacramento, CA for quality pre-owned options, the latest model lineup, and Ford Folsom service. We hope to see you soon!