Folsom Lake Ford is committed to providing expert care in each of the areas of our dealership. In addition to getting drivers behind the wheel of the latest models and pre-owned options, we have a state-of-the-art Ford service center that will keep your vehicle running like new for many years.

Why Service is Important

Each day, your car works hard to get you safely from one destination to the next. Thousands of parts work together to make this happen and while Ford parts are made to last, they will acquire wear and tear after some time.

Maintaining your vehicle with routine services and any necessary repairs will increase the lifespan of your model and keep it running smoothly. Your car will require certain services sooner rather than later, such as oil changes. In order to prevent friction and overheating, your car needs fresh oil for lubrication between the parts every 3,000-5,000 miles.

The battery of your Ford Fusion is what’s responsible for the spark of electricity that gets your vehicle going. If you smell a rotten egg scent or your headlights are dim, it may be time to get a new one.

Our Service Center

From air conditioner repairs to brake pad replacement, the certified technicians at our service center are prepared to handle any task thrown their way. For top quality, we use exclusively factory Ford replacement parts and accessories.

While you wait for your vehicle service to be completed, feel free to take a seat in our comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi. If your visit is expected to take longer, ask our team about our shuttle service that will take you to and from your home.

Head to Folsom Lake Ford to get your car back to running like new today! We look forward to your visit.