Drivers searching for a dependable, durable, and comfortable truck should consider the Ford F-150 at Folsom Lake Ford. This truck is built to provide its owners with a long life on the road. However, like all other vehicles, there will come a time when certain parts will need to be replaced or repaired. Learn about these Ford parts and our service department.

Frequently Replaced Parts

Battery – A car battery is responsible for providing the initial jolt of electricity to your entire car to start the engine and keep it going. Without this current, your truck will not run. If it becomes difficult to start your car or you smell sulfur (or, obviously, if your check engine light is on), then it’s time to visit our Ford Folsom service department. Typically, your battery will last about three years but this number can vary depending on usage and driving habits.

Brake pads – Brakes are essential to providing you with safety. There are various components that are a part of your braking system but brake pads will need to be replaced sooner than the others at about 50,000 miles. If you hear a screeching noise or sense that you need to press down harder when coming to a halt, then you know it’s time.

Filters – Air, oil, and fuel filters work hard to keep harmful contaminants, like dirt and debris, out of your engine and vehicle cabin. It is recommended that air and fuel filters be changed every 15,000-30,000 miles, depending on wear. Oil filters will require a much sooner replacement at around 3,000 miles.

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