Is your Ford F-150 making a funny sound? While regular maintenance helps you catch any problems early, over time, you may need to replace certain parts on your truck. Our team at Folsom Lake Ford provides an onsite service center for all of your needs. Plus, our trained professionals only use Ford parts to ensure that your pickup retains its value and runs well all year long.

The importance of regular maintenance

Your owner’s manual gives you a recommended schedule for maintenance. Inside the book, you’ll find the details about how often you should change your oil and check various truck components. When you service your vehicle at Folsom Lake Ford, our team handles more than oil changes. We can inspect, replenish, or replace all of the fluids that keep your Ford parts running smoothly. Plus, we replace your engine, AC, air, and fuel filters.

Common parts that need replacing

Over time certain parts on your Ford F-150 may wear out. Often you’ll notice a few warning signs. For instance, if you hear a squeaking noise when you turn your steering wheel, then you should get your fan belt checked out. The fan belt connects to your power steering, and over time the rubber degrades. Or if you hear that squeaking sound when you brake, then talk to our team about a brake inspection. It may just be from excess dirt or salt in the system, or it may be a sign that your brakes need replacing.

Schedule a service inspection at Folsom Lake Ford

Along with regular maintenance, our team at Folsom Lake Ford provides a full line of services for your Ford F-150. We also sell genuine Ford parts near Roseville, which you can buy online or from our parts department. If you have questions, then stop by today.